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Villa San Bastiano


A walk near Villa San Bastiano

La Rotonda villa Palladiana


Villa Almerico Capra, known as 'La Rotonda' The villa was build on project by Andrea Palladio for bishop Paolo Almerico, around 1570. In 1591 the villa was bought by the noble family Capra. From 1911 'La Rotonda' is owned by the family of Count Valmarana who opened it to the public in 1986.


Villa Valmarana detta ai nani
Villa Valmarana detta ai nani
Villa Valmarana detta ai nani

The Villa Valmarana, known as 'Ai Nani' is a mere 5 minutes walk from the house. It's history is centered around the legend of a dwarf princess who lived alone surrounded by dwarf servants, in order not to believe she was different. One day she saw a handsome prince walking in the garden and threw herself from the tower. All the servant dwarves were heartbroken and became stone effigies of their former selves. These statues now adorn the perimeter wall.

The inside of the Villa is decorated with the world famous frescoes by Gianbattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo.


Nearby are the porticoes that lead to the Sanctuary of Monte Berico, they are a covered processional path punctuated by prayer stations known as 'Via Crucis', or the way to the cross, in observance of the Passion of Christ on the Getsemani hill. They were built in 1748 by the renown architect Vincenzo Muttoni and completed after his death. Another way up to the Monte Berico Sanctuary is know as 'Le Scalette', a steep flight of stairs departing from the Palladian arch situated at the bottom of the hill, built in 1595 and meant to be the shortest route to the church. The surrounding area is the most elegant of Vicenza, close yet removed from the traffic of the city centre.


Vicenza is situated at the foothills of the Berici Hills and is a beautiful city of art, known as the 'City of Palladio'. The central area is easily reached on foot from the Villa San Bastiano in about 15 minutes. For a personalized private guided tour we can arrange for a knowledgeable tourist guide.


Vicenza - Basilica Palladiana Teatro Olimpico Vicenza

Map of the Palladian villas near Vicenza

Cartina delle ville palladiane in Veneto

BY CAR OR BY TRAIN from 20 minutes to 1 hour

During your stay at Villa San Bastiano you may want to explore the nearby towns such as Padova, Verona and Venice that are reachable by a short time trip by car or by train:

Padova with the most spectacular Cappella degli Scrovegni and the Giotto frescoes 20 minutes drive and same by train

Verona with the Arena and Giulietta's home and much more at 40 minutes drive � 30 minutes by train

Venezia with Piazza San Marco, La Salute and more at 1 hour drive and same by train.

Tourist website of Vicenza

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Tour leader

Private Tour leader of the town of Vicenza

 Mrs. Anna Madurelli will be at your disposal for Cultural tours and events such as Exhibitions  in and around the town of Vicenza.

With her you can discover the history of Vicenza   through its historical streets, monuments and Palaces as well as  the Palladian Villas in the surroundings.

Please contact

Tour leader

Licence  number  49 of  2003 from Comune di Vicenza.


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